White House Press Secretary Jay Carney discussed the Obama administration's decision to cancel White House tours and whether the administration is denying access to Benghazi survivors on Happening Now.

In response to co-host Jenna Lee's question of whether canceling the tours was a decision by the Secret Service as the president said in an interview earlier this week, or because of sequestration, Carney said, "I'm surprised to hear the suggestion [at] this late date it's anything else. The Secret Service, like every agency in government, has to cut its budget significantly because of sequester. That's how the law was written and that's what everyone is doing at Defense and everywhere else across the government..."

Lee pointed out that the annual White House Easter Egg Roll is going forward for members of Congress and their families while at the same time, the White House remains closed to families who want to simply visit. Carney said the Easter Egg Roll is open to many military families and the event is on a different budget. If the tours were kept on, according to Carney, Secret Service agents would have to be furloughed and their pay would have to be cut.

On the question of whether the White House is preventing the Benghazi survivors from speaking publicly, Carney said he did not have knowledge of the Fox News report on this subject, but that he's sure the White House is not preventing anyone from speaking. The administration's focus is on what happened in Benghazi and not on the political debate that has been going on for the last several months.