On Fox and Friends this morning, Michelle Malkin took on the White House for blaming the cancellation of public tours on the Secret Service. President Obama said Tuesday that the decision was between cutting Secret Service agents or canceling the tours after sequestration took effect March 1.

ABC News' Jonathan Karl pressed

Carney yesterday, asking "how much does it cost for (the president) to go and play golf?" Carney then accused Karl of "trivializing" the issue, and Karl responded that "this is about choices" for the Obama administration about what gets cut. (The confrontation starts at 2:30 in the video below).

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Steve Doocy pointed out to Malkin that the question about the cost of Obama playing golf is a good one. Malkin said the White House had already said it was their decision to cancel the tours. That decision has brought criticism that the administration is trying to make the sequestration cuts as visible as possible to make a political point.

Malkin had some harsh words for Obama and Carney about laying the blame at the feet of the Secret Service.

Check out the full interview:

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