Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore wants the disturbing crime scene images of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting victims to be released. In a blog published on his website, America, You Must Not Look Away (How to Finish Off the NRA),’ Moore argues publishing these images would tip public opinion against Second Amendment defenders.

Moore also acknowledges that publishing these photos would be horrific, but he thinks that this needs to be done before the country can come to a decision about gun control.

Syndicated radio host Lars Larson joined 'America Live' to react to the controversial proposal. “Moore’s suggestion is disgusting,” Larson said. “Moore apparently simply wants to shock people into making changes in

public policy that the Congress does not want to do at this point and that, as you see around the country, state legislatures have shown they’re not willing to do it either.”

Sean Hannity Reacted to Moore's Comments Last Night

Larson also argued that the problem with guns will not be solved by passing more laws. “It wasn’t Second Amendment rights that put that gun in [Lanza's] hands. He murdered his mother, he stole the gun, he murdered the children, he violated at least a half a dozen laws by the time he had gotten to the school house door and then violated more of them inside, obviously, by murdering those children,” he said.

Larson points out that less than 300 people were murdered with rifles last year, but more than 9,000 people were murdered by criminals with handguns and yet, the focus of this debate by Moore and others is on rifles.

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