A former Transportation Security Administration screener blasts the agency in an interview with the New York Post. The exclusive comes days after an undercover TSA agent carrying a fake bomb passed through two security checkpoints at Newark International Airport. In the interview, the Newark screener who recently left the TSA said, “I wouldn’t trust them to walk my dog.”

The screener claimed that much of what they do is “make-believe” and slammed pat-downs of children as

“completely against TSA procedure.”

On America's News HQ, Alan Colmes criticized the NY Post article for using an unnamed source. “[The screener] could be a disgruntled ex-employee, we don’t know everything that person says is true,” he said. “To call every TSA person ‘lazy’ and go after the department, I think, is unfair.”

The agency is changing its policy to allow small knives on board planes. Syndicated radio host Mike Gallagher called this move "insane." He said, “They’re more worried about bottles of water than actual weapons. Small knives are weapons. Lest we forget on 9/11 they used the equivalent, they used box cutters. These knives […] are bigger than many box cutter models.”

Colmes agreed, recalling an instance where he was stopped for carrying nail scissors. “There’s no rhyme or reason it seems to what you can and can’t take on board.”