Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) joined Megyn Kelly this afternoon on America Live in an interview to discuss his nearly 13-hour filibuster yesterday on the Senate floor. Paul decided to undertake the tiring task in order to hold up the confirmation of CIA Director nominee John Brennan over the Obama administration's use of drones.

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The administration, in recently-leaked memos, claimed

the president has the power to order a drone strike against an American terror suspect overseas. Paul has argued no American can be killed without a trial or due process. He has raised the prospect of drones being used someday on American soil, pointing out that Attorney General Eric Holder has refused to rule it out completely.

Megyn Kelly asked Paul why he's making an issue about drones being used on American soil, even though it hasn't been done and the government has not asked for the power to do it. Paul answered that the president has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, not to try to do it "when it's convenient."

"Drone strikes overseas are often done to people in noncombat situations: in restaurants, walking on the street, in cars, in their house while they sleep. That's not the kind of standard we can have in our country. If you're sitting in a cafe, I don't care who you're emailing or what you're talking about. If they think you are associated with terrorism, you need to be arrested and you need to get your day in court. This is a fundamental American freedom and that's what we're fighting for around the world. If we give up on that, I think we've done a great disservice to those who are defending our country," said Paul.

Kelly then brought to Paul's attention a letter from Attorney General Eric Holder, making clear that the president does not have the authority to "use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil." The letter was released just minutes before the interview.

He asked why that statement could not have been made yesterday while he asked for an answer to that question for 13 straight hours.

"So there is a result and a victory. Under duress and under public humiliation, the White House will respond and do the right thing. It took a month and a half to get them to admit that the CIA doesn't operate in the United States. That's been the law since 1947. So now, after 13 hours of filibuster we're proud to announce that the president is not going to kill unarmed Americans on American soil," said Paul.

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