Senator Rand Paul has been filibustering on the Senate floor for hours in an attempt to hold up the nomination of John Brennan as CIA director. Paul is concerned about President Obama’s authority to kill Americans with drones. Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted to Paul’s move, saying, “The government’s out of control, and Senator Paul is leading the charge to rein it in.”

Napolitano said he’s always been against the use of drones, but the Bush administration’s use pales in comparison to that of Obama. The judge said, “Barack Obama makes Dick Cheney look like Mahatma Gandhi in comparison if he thinks he can use drones to kill Americans in America, a position from which his attorney general refused to back off!”

The Constitution makes it very clear that a jury trial needs to be held if the government wants the life or property of a person. “They can’t just execute. That’s Stalinistic,” he exclaimed.

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