Meet Staten Island's pistol-packin' pastor! Rev. John Rocco Carlo, a retired New York City police captain, told his story to Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends this morning. He says he has seen it all during his time as a transit policeman in Staten Island, and now still encounters some scary things in his work as senior pastor at Christian Pentecostal Church. That's why he says he carries a firearm, even sometimes in church.

He says you

just never know who's going to walk though the church's doors. Once, he said, a woman came in with a knife and said she was on her way to kill someone.

"I don't always carry a gun. I go to places where angels fear to tread, so to speak. I've seen things that you don't want to see. I've been in places where you don't want to go and I've met people you don't want to meet. And the same thing applies in ministry. I think being a cop, I'm not afraid to meet bad people because I know where they're coming from and they know where I'm coming from and I can help them," said Rocco Carlo.

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