After Bill O’Reilly and Alan Colmes’ blow out last night, the Factor host doubled down on his claim that President Obama hasn’t proposed any specific cuts to reduce the deficit. Tonight, he asked Kirsten Powers where he’s going wrong.

The Daily Beast columnist said it’s “completely untrue” that Obama hasn’t proposed any cuts,

citing Medicare as an example. In the president’s fiscal year 2013 budget, Powers said there’s $400 billion in cuts to federal health care spending.

O’Reilly began grilling Powers on how those health care cuts will manifest themselves and asked her to name one specific drug company the administration wants to negotiate prices with.

“Hold on,” Powers interjected. “This is what you do, you change the discussion. […] I’m giving you specifics. What you said last night was the president did not propose anything. The president proposed this to the Republicans.”

After charging that the other is in fact “100 percent wrong,” O’Reilly reasoned, “We’ll let the folks decide.”

Laughing, Powers retorted, “You are wrong about this and now you’re playing a game […] because we can’t name a drug company, I mean come on.”

“Listen Powers, you say you’re going to negotiate with drug companies to bring down spending on drugs and you don’t have one company mentioned,” O’Reilly argued. “[…] This is where you and I will never agree.”

“Because I use facts?” chastised Powers.

See how it played out in the clip below and tell us whose side you’re on!