You've seen Bill O'Reilly let a guest have it a time or two before, but never quite like this. It was an 'O'Reilly Factor' for the ages last night, when its host took on guest and Fox News contributor Alan Colmes in what can be described as nothing less than an epic confrontation. It all started when O'Reilly asked Colmes to give him specific examples of programs the president has said he would cut in order to decrease the nation's deficit. {C}

O'Reilly began the segment by citing a Washington Post article that, O'Reilly paraphrased, asserting that President Obama is willing to 'make the American people suffer' for the greater good of making Nancy Pelosi the next Speaker of the House. "...He doesn't do anything," O'Reilly said, "He just says, 'I want to raise taxes ... let's raise 'em again ... there's nothing put forth. Nothing." Colmes disagreed, saying the commander in chief has offered cuts to Medicare and entitlement spending. But that wasn't good enough for O'Reilly, who blasted back, telling Colmes that such talk isn't specific. And that's when things escalated to an entirely new level. "Give me one damn program he said he'd cut!" O'Reilly shouted. A fiery back and forth than ensued, and just as it seemed it might be dying down, O'Reilly addressed the segment's other (mostly silent or silenced) guest, Monica Crowley, saying, "I don't usually do what I just did to him. I asked him four times, Colmes, to give me one specific program out of $3.2 trillion in spending that Obama said he would cut. ... Give me one...". When neither Colmes nor Crowley did, Bill brought the gavel down, saying that "both of our people cannot provide one program out of $3.2 trillion in spending that this president said he would cut." After calling Colmes a liar, saying he was lying about what the president detailed as cuts, Colmes fired back at the charge. But O'Reilly didn't back down. "You're not telling me anything. It's 'jack' what you're saying! There's another word for it, but it's an obscenity," O'Reilly railed. To see what happened next (no, it didn't end there), you'll have to watch the video below:

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