On Special Report, Charles Krauthammer reacted to the death of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez. “He was a thug. He tried to dismantle democracy in his country, almost succeeded. And I think his country will only be improved by his passing. The only problem is that the man he appointed his successor very recently […] is himself a hardcore communist and very pro-Cuba.”

Krauthammer noted that there are some in Chavez’s party who are socialists but are not hard-line anti-American communists. He said one country that will suffer immediately is Cuba because

it and other Latin American countries had been dependent on Chavez for concessions like receiving oil at low prices as a way to sustain their economies.

He predicted that Vice President Nicolas Maduro has a good chance of winning the presidential election on a sympathy vote. “He’s as hard line as Chavez is. The only upside is it’s hard to maintain a revolution without the charismatic leader like Chavez himself.”