The O’Reilly Factor is on a campaign to get all states to pass Jessica’s Law, which mandates tough prison sentences for first-time child rapists. Colorado is one of just six states that doesn’t have Jessica’s Law. In fact, Colorado Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino won’t let the full legislature vote on it.

Jesse Watters confronted Ferrandino and asked him why he won’t protect children against sexual predators.

Ferrandino said victims’ rights groups and all district attorneys in the state oppose the law. He also reasoned that they already have strong laws in place.

“You actually don’t have strong laws,” Watters shot back. “Let me give you a few examples. 800 times a guy just sexually assaulted a seventh grader and just got one year of work release. Okay, another guy molested 10 kids at a daycare center and only got two years in prison. Are you okay with those sentences?”

Ferrandino tried repeatedly to interrupt Watters and finally said, “I don’t know your specific cases you’re citing. […] But the cases in Colorado and from all the DAs I talk to, all the people in criminal justice think that the laws we have are strong enough and are tougher than Jessica’s Law.”

Watters followed up with a more recent and egregious example. He then asked, “44 other states have Jessica’s law and you guys think you’re smarter -- is that true?”

“No, I think we know what’s in Colorado’s best interest,” Ferrandino answered.

Michael Brown, a radio talk show host and former director of FEMA for the Bush administration, reacted on tonight’s Factor. He told Bill O’Reilly, “First of all, that was a great interview by Jesse and I think what you’re witnessing in Colorado is this progressive mentality that says evil does not exist.”

Brown and O’Reilly’s message is simple: Put the law up to a vote so the representatives of the people can choose.


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