Check out these dramatic rescues caught on camera!

Two women in Poland are being hailed as heroes for saving a bus full of people after the driver fainted. The women grabbed the wheel as the bus narrowly missed oncoming traffic. It hit

a light pole, but they regained control and managed to stop the bus.

For those of you who feel squeamish about raccoons, take it from us … the only one cringing in this video is the raccoon. Florida firefighters came to the rescue of a baby raccoon who got its head stuck in a can. The animal was dropped off outside the Coral Springs fire station with a note saying it was found in a dumpster.

A woman in Georgia credits a fast-thinking police officer with saving her son’s life. Linda Tyler was rushing her asthmatic son to the hospital when he stopped breathing in the car. She pulled over when she saw a police officer at a gas station.

The pair pulled the boy inside the store and Officer Chris Simmons began doing CPR until paramedics arrived. Simmons said afterward, “To revive a human being and give them life again is a truly humbling experience.”

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