A new Fox News Poll found that 57 percent of Americans believe the budget cuts are necessary to control the deficit because lawmakers are unable to do it themselves.

Senior editor of The Daily Caller, Jamie Weinstein said the poll demonstrates that Americans think something’s being accomplished

with these cuts, when in reality the sequestration doesn’t do anything to affect our long-term budgetary situation.

“They’re so small, the cuts, over the long term to the general budget. It doesn’t touch [Medicare], which is the greatest driver of growth," Weinstein said, "And I’m afraid that’s because the American people aren’t demanding.”

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) released what he calls a “Waste Book” which details outrageous things American taxpayer money is funding. The 2012 Waste Book identified $20 billion in total waste which includes things like a climate change musical, studies on imagining larger golf holes and eating more caviar, pet shampoo products and so on.