Would you break up with your boyfriend for pulling this stunt? A video of one couple's potential romantic demise has gone viral, and for good reason. In footage captured by adventurer Devin Graham, a woman's boyfriend seems to push her over the edge (ahem, pun intended) as she prepares to rope-swing across a large canyon. She can be heard telling him she's not yet ready to jump, but the boyfriend finally takes matters into his own hands and, y'know, gives her a little push. A little push ... over the edge of a cliff ... attached to a 400-foot rope swing. As the woman swung above the massive crater, she yelled back to her boyfriend, "I'm breaking up with you!"

The boyfriend, of course, was balled up in a fit of laughter. Skeptics say they believe the whole thing may have been a stunt, but we're not convinced. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Watch the full video from our FOX affiliate.

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