Rick and Mary Todd are calling for a U.S. investigation into the mysterious death of their son, Shane.

Shane, an engineer who was working for a company in Singapore, was found dead in his home last June. Officials in Singapore called it a suicide, but his parents believe he may have been murdered. They say that he lived in fear that his employers were using him to help China get its hands on some sensitive information.

Rick and Mary Todd appeared on America Live today.

They described how Shane started to feel as though he was being asked to compromise U.S. national security secrets. “He was extremely uncomfortable with what they were asking him to do and he also told us that his life was being threatened,” Mary Todd said.

Despite the fact that Shane was due to return to America soon, Rick believes he still posed a threat. “He knew all the formulas and the recipes.”

The Todds told Megyn Kelly that they knew with certainty that their son hadn’t killed himself when they received the letter authorities said they found on his computer.

The note started by thanking IME (his employer) for giving him every opportunity to succeed. “That was my first sense of joy as a mother to know my son did not write this note. And I knew in my heart at that point he was murdered. He did not take his own life,” Mary Todd said.

It also included a list of generic memories, ones the family didn’t even have, including a reference to having Shirley Temples on the beach.

“We’ve never, ever done Shirley Temples on the beach. The whole note was just pathetic. And then he gave two sentences to his brothers who are literally his best friends that weren’t personal at all,” Mary said.

Rick Todd remembers his son as a “larger than life type of individual.”

“He played hard, he worked hard. He loved life. That was the way he was.”

The Todds want Congress to investigate his death in order to protect America’s security.

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