A shocking accusation has come out of the recently held Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Lynette Blue says her 3-year-old Samoyed, named Cruz, died just a few days after leaving the prestigious New York City competition and now she suspects he may have been poisoned there.

Blue decided against an autopsy, saying the symptoms Cruz exhibited before he died were very consistent with ingesting rat or mouse poison.

"The timeline

adds up. There's no other scenario we can come up with other than poison," she told AP, while admitting it's unlikely "we will ever know" what happened. The dog's handler suspects animal rights activists, who have long criticized dog shows as cruel. A PETA spokeswoman told AP it is a "fantasy" to think animal rights activists would poison a dog.

Megyn Kelly brought in lawyers Jonna Spilbor and Mercedes Colwin to discuss the mysterious case on Kelly's Court. Essentially, Blue has narrowed down the window that a poisoning could have occurred to a four-hour period when Cruz and the other dogs were away from their handlers.

Colwin questioned the decision not to perform a necropsy, the animal version of an autopsy. But the trio all agreed that based on the facts of the case right now, it looks unlikely that the poisoning theory can be proven.

Watch the discussion:

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