A 34-year-old rising political star in Mississippi by the name of Marco McMillian was found dead near a levee on the Mississippi River. Police have ruled the death a homicide, and now questions are being raised as to whether or not the crime was personal or political.

McMillian was undeniably on the rise, gaining notice as the CEO of a non-profit in Mississippi and one of Ebony Magazine's top "Up-and-Comers." He was also the first gay man to be a viable candidate for public office in Mississippi history.

The incidents surrounding his death all began on Tuesday when McMillian's car was involved in two-car crash. When police recovered the car, however, McMillian wasn't inside. A search began, and the next day authorities found McMillian's body 30 miles from his car in the woods near the banks of the river.

Police have so far been tight-lipped as to the cause, and they are ruling it a homicide, but not a hate crime. Will Rooker, the Coahoma, Miss. Sheriff's Spokesperson, did say that the sheriff's office has a person of interest in custody in relation to the case.