This story is proof that good will and determination go a long way. Eighteen-year-old Jhaqueil Reagan was walking 10 miles through an ice storm in Indianapolis to get to a job interview when he was spotted by restaurant owner Art Bouvier. While the job at the thrift shop Reagan was headed to didn’t work out, he ended up landing a job at Bouvier’s Papa Roux restaurant. The two told their story on Fox and Friends.

Reagan had been looking for a job for four or five months when an interview at the thrift shop came up. The shop was 10 miles from his home and the teen didn’t have money for a cab or bus, so he started out walking. “If I say I’m going to be somewhere, I’m going to be there,” Reagan said.

Reagan inherited his determination and perseverance from his father. “I’ve watched my dad work as I’ve grown up … and I’ve seen how he’s worked.”

As Reagan walked to the shop, he asked Art Bouvier for directions. When Bouvier went to run an errand and saw Reagan walking down the road, he picked him up and drove him to the interview. When Reagan didn’t get the thrift shop job, Bouvier quickly hired him.

Bouvier told Gretchen Carlson, “I did nothing miraculous. I picked up a guy on the side of the road, found out that he needed a job and realized he would be a very good employee. He fits in very well with the rest of my team […] In the restaurant business, it’s all about your work ethic, it’s all about hard work and I knew right away he’d fit in with the rest of the team.”

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