Laura Ingraham talked with Steve, Brian and Alisyn on Fox and Friends this morning about sequestration, the press' treatment of President Obama, and government subsidies for Hollywood films.

Alisyn Camerota asked

why the president is continually avoiding answering any tough questions, pointing out that he asked reporters to leave his meeting yesterday with the National Governors Association.

Ingraham said at some point the White House press corps has to realize they're being used and manipulated and say "we're not going to play this little game" anymore.

"I hope that's beginning to happen because this has been happening for years," said Ingraham, who believes the media is suffering from "battered press syndrome."

"(Some of them) are so in love that they're like, 'oh, he's telling me to leave, I guess that means he loves me,'" she joked.

Watch the rest of Ingraham's comments, including why she calls the White House "a drama operation."

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