He may be the third most powerful celeb in the world (according to Forbes Magazine, that is) but to his pastor Judah Smith, superstar Justin Bieber gets the same advice from his mentor as any other parishioner. Smith stopped by 'Fox and Friends' on Tuesday and discussed the evolution of his coming to be "the Bieb's" spiritual guide, saying that after Justin's mom approached him three years ago, the two hit it off.

"He's a spectacular young man," he said. And although his millions of dollars and fans leave him exposed to myriad temptations, Smith spoke of Bieber's groundedness.

"I tend to think that certainly Justin has a lot of opportunity and temptations, but frankly I think in the 21st century we probably all do. And I would encourage him like I would encourage our church in Seattle, which is to be like Jesus and ask that all important question, 'what would Jesus do?' And I think Justin makes fantastic decisions in his life."

In Smith's new book, "Jesus Is ___: Find a New Way to Be Human," the Seattle native poses the question of Jesus' identity to both believers and non-believers alike.

"I think the idea is just a conversation ... to engage people about Jesus. Whatever you believe about Jesus, he's the most formidable figure in human history. So, what do you believe about him," he said. "The point is, whether or not you believe what I believe, let's have a conversation."

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