Tonight, Sean Hannity and Congressman Keith Ellison clashed during one of the most heated Fox News interviews. Hannity began the segment that was supposed to be about sequestration, saying, “If and when the Obama sequester takes effect on Friday, it’s because the president was more concerned with fear mongering than finding a solution to the problem that he, himself, created.”

Before Hannity asked a question, Ellison told him, “Quite frankly, you are the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen.”

The Fox News host responded, “Say it again, I didn’t hear you.”

Ellison called Hannity’s clip of President Obama talking about spending cuts an example of “yellow journalism.”

“To play Obama in his own words is yellow journalism?” Hannity replied.

Everything the president said about the effects of the sequestration is true, according to Ellison. He alleged that Hannity breached every journalistic ethic by questioning President Obama. “The president was truthful, the president was honest, what the president said was dead on accurate. And for you to say the president is to blame here is ridiculous.”

Hannity told Ellison to “keep ranting.” He obliged, but not without Hannity taking him to task.

Watch this must-see interview, below:

Check out the so-called "yellow journalism" Rep. Ellison was referring to:

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