Sean Hannity and New York Congressman Gregory Meeks engaged in a heated debate over sequestration cuts and spending. Hannity started off the interview asking Meeks, “Do you care about children?”

“We borrow as a country, Congressman, 46 cents of every dollar you guys are spending in Washington,” Hannity said. “[…] Don’t you think there’s something immoral about stealing

from those kids because they’re going to be the ones paying that back.”

Meeks began to say, “We got into a couple of wars that we shouldn’t have been in and we have to pay for those wars.”

Hannity interjected, “Obama gave us six trillion in debt. You’re not getting away with this Congressman.”

He went on to ask, “We’re spending a trillion more dollars than we take in. Is there a spending problem?” Meeks retorted, “We’re still paying off the debt that George Bush created.”

That’s when Hannity called him a “broken record” and shouted, “I’m asking you about today! Today, do we have a spending problem?”

Did Meeks ever answer the question? Watch the rest of their back-and-forth:

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