The Daily Mail reports new details that could prove explosive in the Oscar Pistorius murder case. According to the reports, Reeva Steenkamp’s autopsy revealed that her skull was crushed by a bloody cricket bat before she was shot in the head.

Pistorius Defense Claims He 'Screams Like a Woman'

Witness in Pistorius Trial Testifies She Heard "Bloodcurdling" Screams

Pistorius claims that he used the bat to break down the bathroom door, and it’s at that point that he realized he was shooting his girlfriend and not an intruder.

So, if these reports are true, why didn’t the prosecution mention the bat or the fact that Steenkamp’s skull was bashed in during last week’s bail hearing? While Lis Wiehl said that it is common in the U.S. for prosecutors to withhold some evidence at bail hearings, she thinks that this is such key evidence that prosecutors probably didn’t have it at the time of the hearing. According to Wiehl, this new revelation would make sense with what we know of the story. “That would account for why she was dressed in street clothes, why she was there in the small, little bathroom area […] Because she’d been beaten in the head with this bat, she ran […] into the bathroom, she locked the door, cause the door was locked, and that’s when the shots were fired.” “If they really have that evidence, it just blows his defense completely,” she said.