Bob Woodward told Politico earlier today that the White House has its facts wrong in the continuing back-and-forth between the reporter and the administration that began this weekend after he penned a piece on the automatic spending cuts scheduled to take effect.

"The White House pushback is a classic case of distortion and confusion. We unfortunately have seen this too often in recent presidential history ... I do not think it is willful. They are just mixed up, surprisingly so," Woodward said.

Bob Cusack, the managing editor of The Hill, provided some insight on the duel to Bill Hemmer, saying that Woodward's assertion that the "sequester idea" originated with Jack Lew and the Obama administration matters in terms of defining whose to blame in a potential economic upheaval.

"If there are major, major economic ramifications of this, then one side is probably going to get the blame ... and it's all a PR game."

For Republicans, Cusack says polls show that if such a negative impact were to come to fruition, the public would blame the GOP as it stands now. "Woodward is the best weapon they have right now," he said, noting that this is why his attack is "a soft spot" for the administration.

"Both sides are running for cover and spinning," he said, "and Republicans will without a doubt be quoting Woodward throughout the week."

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