Lawmakers in West Virginia want to require potential drivers to be drug tested. The proposed mandate would require people to pass drug tests before earning their learner’s permit, intermediate and full licenses. Does this measure take the state’s quest for safety too far?

Fox News contributor Tamara Holder and defense attorney Kisha Hebbon debated the issue on Fox and Friends. Holder argued that the state is presuming people are doing drugs

and called it an invasion of privacy. “If you go and look at the definition of controlled substances in the law, it’s any class one through five -- that can be any ADD drug, that can be any drug for anxiety.”

Hebbon said it’s a deterrent to keep teens off of drugs. She countered, “Unfortunately, there’s a problem with our teenagers that are using drugs. And again, we have to remember that a driver’s license is a privilege. It’s not a constitutional right.”

Holder believes this is a slippery slope when it comes to government-issued licenses such as a marriage license. “Does the government have now the opportunity to test you for whatever they want in order for you to get a license?”

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