A snow plow driver in Lowell, Massachusetts has been fired after he videotaped himself cursing and gleefully burying people's cars with snow. WFXT, the Fox News Boston affiliate, spoke to Mark “The Dogg” Hussey after his footage went viral.

At first, Hussey defended the video, saying, “I probably don’t have to enjoy it so much but

hey, you know it’s the little things in life.”

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His former boss and operations manager for RSG Contracting, Jill Miller said, “Dogg will never plow for the city of Lowell again because I feel that what he said was disrespectful to the residents of the city of Lowell.”

After losing his job, Hussey told WFXT over the phone that the video was a “stupid mistake” and apologized to those he offended.

Miller called Hussey a good driver but said the reputation of the company could not be compromised by his remarks. “If that’s how he feels, […] by all means think it but don’t put it out there for everybody to see.”

Check out 'Dogg's' antics and decide for yourself if he went too far:

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