On tonight's Justice with Judge Jeanine, Pirro is taking on Chicago's police chief, Garry McCarthy. The judge is standing up for the Second Amendment and calling out hypocrisy as she sees it. Read her thoughts below and tune in to Justice with Judge Jeanine tonight at 9p ET on Fox News Channel!

Doesn't it make you crazy when people in glass houses throw stones?

When they accuse you of being dirty -- as they stand in a pile of mud so deep they need hip boots?

When they call you corrupt, as a way to deflect attention from their own ineptitude?

Such is the case with Chicago's police chief, Garry McCarthy.

Hello, and welcome to Justice. I'm Judge Jeanine Pirro.

This week, Chicago's top cop, Chief Garry McCarthy, said gun rights groups that donate money to politicians, and legal gun owners themselves, are both corrupt and endanger public safety.

Chief McCarthy also thinks our federal gun laws are racist. Take a listen.

This chief of the 3rd largest police department in the nation also says judges should rely on public opinion polls when interpreting the Constitution -- since the judges are too dumb to do it on their own.

And his interpretation of the 2nd Amendment would require gun owners to carry liability insurance and a GPS tracking device on civilian-owned guns.

Hey, who needs a search warrant?

OK Garry, if your definition of corrupt is when I support an elected official, who believes in the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms -- then by your very own definition, your boss, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, must be corrupt also since he receives donations from the bigwigs in Hollywood and the music industry. The same industry that sells blood-soaked violent movies, music, and video games to our kids.

Hell, they even warned the president to stay away from their industry.

So let me see if I understand this: If I support a politician who believes in the 2nd Amendment, I'm corrupt.

But if your boss, as a politician, receives donations from those who believe in an uncensored 1st Amendment, he's not corrupt.

And racist? Our federal gun laws are racist?

Are you really a cop?

I'll tell *you* what's racist -- not policing a 12 block area on the south side of Chicago where children are shot so often, they don't even run when they hear gunfire.

I'll tell *you* what's racist -- making sure the loop in downtown Chicago, where by the way, I lived for three years, sees virtually no homicides. Yet on the south side of Chicago, the poor, the downtrodden, black and brown children are murdered in the middle of the day, in parks, on playgrounds, and in places where they have a right to be.

You allow gangs with *illegal* weapons to patrol the streets on the south side of Chicago - putting innocent victims at risk.

You hide behind accusations of racism, while people are dying. You criticize my right to own a legal gun that you want to tax and trace, while your city is trampled in a small 12-block area by people with *illegal* guns. Why don't you track and trace them?

You want to talk about federal gun laws? Wasn't your boss Rahm Emanuel chief of staff in the Obama administration, which oversaw the biggest illegal gun-running operation in our nation's history? Wasn't he chief of staff as the Obama administration sent assault weapons to Mexico, to the drug cartels - which were then used to kill American border agents.

And if you're such a genius, why is the murder rate in Chicago higher than when you got there?

If 42 people are killed in January - the middle of the winter - what's going to happen this summer?

And speaking of numbers - here's a doozy - you guys are so corrupt, you won't even release statistics on your own city's criminal justice numbers. Try as we might, six people gave us the run-around this week, from the state's attorney's office, and the clerk's office, saying you don't keep statistics on murder arrests and gun crimes.

I'll bet you don't. Hell, it would only make you look like the hypocrite you are.

It's not just me.

Even the Chicago justice project can't get this information from you.

We have no idea how many of the arrests for murder actually result in convictions...because the political will to collect this data has been lacking within the cook county state's attorney's office.

No surprise there.

But, how dare you pontificate from your perch in the undisputed murder capitol of America, and malign legal, law-abiding gun owners as agents of political corruption, when you can't even control the flow of *illegal* guns in the city you're charged with protecting! You can't even solve 75 percent of the murders that occur!

I've been a prosecutor, a judge, and elected DA. Let me give you a few tips:

-Get yourself some confidential informants
-Dome undercover officers
-Search warrants
-Wire taps
-Probable cause
-And start making some arrests.

And you make sure your cops charge those crimes which require mandatory incarceration. And you make sure that the state's attorney prosecutes those arrests. And that judges follow the law and send them to jail.

You want to re-define your definition of corrupt?

You know - my mom always told me, it's better to remain silent and thought a fool, then open your mouth and remove all doubt.