There are reports of fans injured at the Daytona International Speedway after Kyle Larson's car crashed into the fence that separates the track from the seats, and large chunks of Larson's car landed in the grandstands.

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Watch: Driver Kyle Larson Reacts to the Crash
UPDATE, Sunday -- Feb. 24th: At least 33 people were injured in Saturday's Nationwide Series crash. Those critically injured are now in stable condition. Crews worked through the night to repair the fence and the Daytona 500 race will go on today as planned. Anyone who has seats for that area will be able to change their seats if they feel uncomfortable.
UPDATE, 7:56p ET: Columnist Dan Wetzel reported that a child is among the two who are critically injured. Listen to his interview here.
UPDATE, 7:32p ET: Joie Chitwood said at a press conference that 14 people were transported off property and another 14 people were treated at their on-track care center.

UPDATE, 7:18p ET: Officials say the number of fans injured is now 28. In the latest from The Associated Press, Daytona International Speedway President Joie Chitwood said, "We'll be ready to go racing" and is confident the track will be repaired in time Sunday for the Daytona 500.

Chitwood doesn't anticipate moving any fans from those affected seats for Sunday's race. He said the fence that separates the track from the seats will be repaired. The grandstands where fans were injured are about 200 feet from the start-finish line.

FIRST LOOK: Photos of the NASCAR Crash That Injured Fans
UPDATE, 7:11p ET: Officials say 14 people have been injured.

There were 11 fans injured, six of those injured have trauma-related injuries. Larson managed to escape from his car but it set off a chain reaction with reports of at least 10 cars crashing into each other on the last lap.

Shortly before that crash, there was another accident involving 13 cars with just five laps left. Tony Stewart won the NASCAR Nationwide Series race but skipped the traditional victory celebration.