An investigative report done by a local CBS affiliate in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania uncovered some shocking information about welfare. Reporter Chris Papst researched the government programs available to a single mother of two who makes $19,000 a year, and discovered that’d she’d be entitled to a staggering sum – nearly $82,000 a year.

During an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor, Papst outlined that she would qualify for $15,000 in free daycare, $6,500 for weatherization projects on her home, $480 for a cell phone plan – the list goes on.

Papst said that despite the exorbitant sum, many still defend the programs. “Now, if you talk to the people who are administering these programs, you talk to the politicians that set the programs up and advocate for them, they have good reasons for why these programs should exist and why people need them."

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