Just got the inside scoop on what's coming up tomorrow at 9p ET on Justice with Judge Jeanine. Pirro will be tackling whether gun owners should be forced to buy insurance (we'll post the judge's commentary on that issue tomorrow) and the Oscar Pistorius case. So, what does the former district attorney think of the Olympian's claim that he mistook his model girlfriend for an intruder? See her thoughts below and tune in to Justice with Judge Jeanine tomorrow at 9p ET on Fox News Channel.

Who shoots a burglar already locked inside a bathroom?

Who gets out of bed without saying, "Honey, did you hear something?"

Who gets out of bed without saying, "Honey, call the police"?

I've seen the movies. The drill is, "Call the cops if I'm not back in 5!"

O.K. ...

If your girlfriend is sleeping over, would it be that unusual for her to be in the bathroom in the middle of the night?

If your girlfriend is sleeping over, does she put on her vest and street clothes to walk a few feet to the bathroom?

And, if she just got out of your bed, would she be so shy that she not only closes the bathroom door but actually locks it?

And ...

If you are so guarded that you get up, walk over to your girlfriend's side of the bed to retrieve your gun, would you not see that she is not in bed?

If you were so scared that you didn't notice that she was not on her side of the bed, how did you ever find your gun -- a hell of a lot smaller and harder to find than she is?

If you're so scared about criminals breaking in, why weren't there locks on the bathroom window?

By the way, if you were so scared, why even open the sliding glass door to bring the fan in?

O.K. ...

If it really was a burglar, why would he climb a ladder and crawl through the bathroom window when he simply could have walked in through your sliding glass door?

If it really was a burglar, did he forget to take a leak before he broke in? And was he so shy and embarrassed that you would see him with his pants down that he didn't just close the bathroom door, but actually locked it?

Tune in to Justice with Judge Jeanine, Saturday at 9p ET for more on the case.