Michelle Malkin discussed President Obama's push for a new plan from Congress to avoid automatic budget cuts that will go into effect March 1.

On Fox and Friends this morning, Malkin said no one is talking about the fact that Obama was "the author" of sequestration. She accused

the White House of now trying to scare people into thinking the budget cuts will result in catastrophe for the economy.

"We've got this Chicken Little in Chief running around talking about how this is a fiscal apocalypse," said Malking, arguing that the "cuts" are really just a lower rate of spending increases.

"This is not how responsible adults should act. All of the apocalypse he keeps talking about - layoffs, and more unemployment and people not getting pay - well what kind of situation do you think we have now and who's responsible for the layoffs and the cuts in R&D and all of the fiscal disaster that we're already seeing despite sequestration?" Malkin said.

The segment pointed out that yesterday Democratic Sen. Max Baucus (Mont.) acknowledged that "the White House recommended (the sequester) back in August 2011."

Malkin asked, "Where are these Democrats? They're hiding under their desks hoping that no one else has to make the admission that Senator Baucus did."

Malkin went on to discuss the Presidential Debate Commission's admission that it should not have chosen CNN's Candy Crowley as a moderator and the controversial sale of Al Gore's Current TV to Al Jazeera.

Watch Malkin's analysis:

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