An Idaho executive was fired this week after shocking allegations surfaced. Joe Rickey Hundley, 60, was dismissed as president of Unitech Composites and Structures after a woman accused him of slapping her child on a plane. The woman claimed Hundley

whispered a racial slur about her two-year-old son in her ear before slapping the child. Hundley was arrested on a federal assault charge. Fox and Friends discussed the case with Judge Andrew Napolitano, particularly the issue of whether his firing is legal. Essentially it is legal, the judge explained. The only way Hundley would be able to challenge it is if there was something written into his contract about conduct outside the workplace. Napolitano said it is "unlikely" that such a clause would be in his contract to excuse this type of behavior. "The typical executive contract ... would allow his bosses to fire him for some behavior that brings disrepute to the company, some behavior unbecoming the CEO of a company," said Napolitano.

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