In honor of Black History Month, the Ailes Apprentice Program is sponsoring a special series celebrating exceptional African Americans. Tomorrow morning at 8:20a ET, tune into Fox and Friends for Harris Faulkner’s interview with real estate mogul Donahue Peebles. In the blog and video below, Harris gives is a sneak peek at the interview and what makes Peebles tick.

It must be tremendously stressful to be a billionaire, a parent and still want the same general things that we all want: the most quality time possible with our kids and for those kids to feel like we succeeded in raising them.

Donahue Peebles has an amazing, swanky Madison Avenue New York office. There is white leather and glass everywhere. Honestly, I didn't know whether to sit down or polish the furniture!

He's a confident businessman turned real estate mogul who loves to

talk about how to be the best at what you do. He works hard and apparently thinks that’s his greatest accomplishment. There are many others who observe the industry of property acquisitions who would argue Peebles' accomplishments are a long list.

On the coldest day so far in 2013 walking with Peebles along Madison Ave.

But for my part, I was most curious about a gathering of pictures he has on, behind, and next to his desk. His family is well displayed in the sea of modern accoutrements.

And our Fox News Channel crew was on display as well during a recent visit to his office for our series on outstanding Americans during Black History Month. The space quickly filled up with several camera crew members, their gear, my producer, his assistant and me.

Here I am shushing the crew that insisted on SNACKING during our interview, ha ha!

In the middle of our multi-camera shoot, we shared an honest moment about the simplest things in life. You know those things that money can’t even begin to buy. Just for this blog, I’m sharing a tiny bit of just that part of our conversation.

Don’t miss his motivational story for any person who’s ever dreamed of turning a tiny opportunity into a huge business venture. Watch tomorrow morning at 8:20a ET on Fox and Friends. See you from the 'curvy couch'!