A discovery made this week in L.A.'s historic Cecil Hotel offered an instant explanation as to why guests had been complaining about low water pressure recently. The explanation, however, added up to what is probably the most disturbing story you'll hear today. That is, the body of missing 21-year-old Canadian tourist Elisa Lam was found in the hotel's water tank.

The shocking and gruesome discovery meant that hotel guests had bathed, brushed their teeth, and drank water from the tank in which Lam's body was decomposing for what investigators believe was weeks. One tourist was quoted as saying, "We thought the water tasted funny." Whoa.

Officials are now analyzing the water for any possible health risks posed to guests who consumed it.

Investigators are also still trying to figure out whether foul play was involved in the young tourist's death after surveillance video uncovered at the hotel, and seen in the segment below, showed Lam acting strangely inside an elevator - pushing buttons, hiding in a corner, and sticking her head in and out of the elevator doors. An autopsy is scheduled for today.

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