Days after shutting out reporters and limiting media access, President Obama is opening up to local reporters - not the national media - about Tiger Woods. In the interview, Obama joked to a local station about his time on the green, "[Tiger] plays a different game than I do; he's on another plane," adding, "He knew I wasn't a threat to his world ranking, and I knew I was going to keep my day job."

While critics like Monica Crowley say it's just fine that the commander in chief has been able to enjoy his pastime with the the world's best, it would be nice if he answered some serious questions.

Doug Schoen, Fox News contributor and former adviser to President Clinton, said he agrees with much of the Right's argument.

"I think the Right is correct in the sense that given the challenges in things like sequester, it's a little disturbing that the president is limiting his access to local media who asks him questions about golf with Tiger Woods ... but there really are important questions we have to deal with."

In the end, Schoen says it all adds up to "successful media manipulation by the White House."