Doctors are saying they've never seen anything like what happened to an 11-year-old girl who had already beaten cancer earlier in her life, but suddenly caught on fire in a freak accident at an Oregon hospital.

The young girl's tee-shirt was

reportedly set ablaze, at which point her father, who was in the hospital room at the time, heard her scream, "Fire! I'm burning," before running out to the nurse's station. He says that the nurses used towels to put out the initial flames and that he also laid on top the girl to put out the remainder.

Ireland Lane was at the hospital for treatment after passing out and hitting her head, though it was unrelated to her previous battle with a rare form of kidney cancer.

The Oregonian reports she suffered third-degree burns on her chest, arms and ear lobes and will now need skin grafts and burn treatments.

Her dad, Steven Lane, and investigators believe static electricity combined with hand sanitizer, which consists of 61 percent alcohol, to cause the fire.

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