A democrat's proposal for a mandated firearm insurance is catching hold with some, but getting heat from others. Peter Johnson, Jr. is among those crying foul at what he calls a measure that would turn a Constitutional right into a mere privilege.

"This is a ban on firearms by insurance effectively outlawing the ability by most Americans to own a firearm," he said on Wednesday's Fox and Friends. He asserted that such a requirement would "make it functionally impossible to own a firearm."

In terms of the dollars and cents, Johnson estimated the personal cost of taking out such a policy to be between $1,500 to $2,000 a year. A heated Johnson equated the proposal to a "means test for the exercise of a Constitutional privilege."

"[You're] turning a right into a privilege," he contended. "This is an effort to deter the ownership of a firearm. To call it anything else is a joke. [...] Imagine paying a sixth or a seventh of your income for insurance to protect yourself!"

Watch the full segment and get more details:

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