Jesse Jackson, Jr. plead guilty to conspiracy in connection with a spending spree on donors’ dimes. Prosecutors say Jackson spent at least $43,000 on a Rolex watch, $9.5K on kids’ furniture, and $5K on furs. The former Democratic congressman faces nearly five years in jail.

Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed the lack of outrage in the media over this case with Neil Cavuto on Your World. He noted that Jackson could’ve faced

26 years in jail if it wasn’t for the plea deal. The judge believes Jackson will be sentenced to the full five years and will likely serve 80 percent of that time.

Napolitano and Cavuto observed that those in the media aren’t covering this case to the extent that they’ve covered Republican lawmakers who got into trouble with the law. Napolitano said, “Especially [the media] on the left flank, seem to rejoice over the downfall of people they disagree with politically and try to not cover with great detail the downfall of those whose politics they agree.”

Cavuto agreed, calling for the media to cover Republicans and Democrats the same. “If you’re going to go after improprieties of one candidate, go after the improprieties of another.”