Tonight, Sean Hannity tackled sequestration, a series of spending cuts set to go into effect on March 1st. Referencing President Obama, Hannity exclaimed, “He wanted this! This was his idea. […] Now all of a sudden, 'this is catastrophe, doom, gloom, Republicans hate everybody and want seniors to die.'”

Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu reacted, saying, “Sean, this president is compelled to raise revenue at every opportunity he has to raise taxes.

He used the fiscal cliff to scare people. […] Now he’s using the sequester to raise taxes again.”

Sununu predicted that President Obama will use the debt ceiling to raise taxes. “He cannot help himself, it is an addiction he has and he thinks that building up government and expanding programs is his mandate. And no matter what he does, it is going to be designed around raising taxes.”

“The tragedy of what’s going on,” Sununu continued, “is that one of the constituencies that went big for him, the young folks in America, are the ones he’s screwing the most. He’s screwing them with taxes; he’s screwing them with, as [Hannity] put it, robbing from them in the future.”