A PSA released by a university anti-racism group has drawn criticism after it displayed messages on the faces of white men and women. The messages said things like "it's not luck, it's privilege," and "society was set up for us." The Un-Fair Campaign at

the University of Wisconsin Duluth-Superior says the ad is meant to highlight that institutional racism exists in the area because of economic and educational advantages of white people compared to minorities.

Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene and radio host Michael Graham reacted on America's Newsroom with Martha MacCallum.

Greene said the campaign has "really good intentions" and by being provocative, the group intends to start an "honest dialogue" about racism. She pointed out that the level of provocativeness may have distracted from the message a "little bit," but thinks the ad does a good job of saying "if you ignore racism, it's not going to go away."

Graham disagreed, arguing it's another example of the Left being "obsessed with race." He pointed out that he had to start his own radio station after the previous station in Boston switched its format to hip hop.

"Tell me where the white privilege card is. I'll be happy to fill it out and collect my checks," said Graham.

Greene said that Graham was oversimplifying the issue, and pointed out why she thinks the campaign was successful.

"This is a well-intentioned campaign that has started a conversation here, on Fox News, the most watched cable news station in America. They're kind of successful with it," said Greene.

Watch the discussion:

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