This morning on Fox and Friends, Dr. Keith Ablow returned for another edition of "Am I Normal or Nuts?"

He answered some questions from viewers about their everyday quirks.

One 72-year-old woman wanted to know about the recurring nightmares

she's been having all her life. She said it usually involves her being chased by something or someone frightening or entering a room where there's something terrifying is waiting for her. She says otherwise she lives a happy life.

Dr. Keith said this is normal, but the woman has "some thinking to do during the daytime."

"If you've had these recurring nightmares for years that something's after you, something is. But it's not a monster in your sleep, it's something that wants your attention; a fear, some part of your life you haven't looked at," said Ablow, adding the woman should talk to a therapist to get to the root causes of the dreams.

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