So, you think you know how many calories you're drinking when you down that Starbucks Frappuccino, do you? Think again. When filmmaker Casey Neistat visited five different New York City area food establishments to test their calorie-count accuracy, the results surprised him.

Neistat compared what he considered to be items consisting of an average day's meals, which included a Grandpa's brand Original Yogurt Muffin, a Starbucks grande Frappuccino, a Chipotle burrito, and a Subway turkey sandwich. Neistat worked with researchers at St. Luke's Hospital to determine the actual calories of each item. In the burrito, for example, the restaurant stated the meal had 1175 calories. In reality? 1295 calories. A note to keep in mind, however, is that the burritos are made by hand, and the discrepancy is one of only about 10 percent.

Which had an even greater discrepancy, and which actually had fewer calories than what was listed? You'll be shocked!