A professor at Columbia University shocked students who showed up for what they thought would be a lecture on quantum mechanics. Professor Emlyn Hughes began the class by stripping down to his underwear to the tune of ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ before changing into a black t-shirt and pants.

In video footage

taken by someone in the lecture hall, students can be heard giggling as Hughes tells them, “In order to learn quantum mechanics, you have to strip to your raw, erase all the garbage from your brain, and start over again.”

Whatever his reasoning, the stripping was only the beginning. According to FoxNews.com, Hughes proceeded to sit down and hugged his knees in a fetal position before showing footage of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks and World War II. The “performance” ended with two ninja figures dressed in black coming on stage with swords, and one of them slicing a stuffed animal in half.

Putting things into perspective on The Five, Greg Gutfeld said, “Imagine if parents bought a child or a teenager a $100,000 dollar car and that $100,000 dollar car made weird noises, everybody would be worried. But if you spend $100,000 dollars on tuition and you have an insane professor, everybody just thinks it’s funny because […] they don’t see the money they paid; they just think it’s hilarious when they should be outraged.”

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