A Houston woman has already filed a lawsuit after her nightmare vacation aboard the Carnival Triumph.

Fox and Friends talked to Peter Johnson Jr. this morning about how strong of a legal case the passengers have

against Carnival, as many lawsuits are expected to be filed against the company.

Johnson Jr. said, however, that most people would be surprised to see the fine print in the agreement that they sign when they book a cruise. He then explained a few of the obstacles that are there to discourage lawsuits.

"You basically sign your life away," he said, pointing out that there is even a clause in the ticket agreement "that says they can basically go anywhere they want to go at any time once you're on the cruise ship and you have no remedies at all."

Johnson Jr. said it all comes down to whether a person has a "bonafide, permanent personal injury or illness that's caused as a result of (Carnival's) conduct."

Watch the rest of his analysis: