Another victim of the Fort Hood massacre has come forward to say that President Obama hasn’t fulfilled his promise to take care of them. Last week, Kimberly Munley said, “Betrayal would be a good word. Not to the least little bit have the victims have been taken care of … In fact, they’ve been neglected very badly.” This morning on Fox and Friends, Staff Sergeant Alonzo Lunsford, who was shot seven times during the attack, agreed.

He said, “Promises were made to us that we would be taken care of and that our families wouldn’t have anything to worry about, but as of today, that has not been altogether true.”

Lunsford made an impassioned plea for President Obama’s help. “Mr. President, my commander in chief, by all laws abiding would you please make sure that we’re taken care of so we can [have] peace of mind? And let’s hurry up and get this trial over with so we can close this chapter of our life and move on.”