Dr. Keith Ablow talked this morning about the issues at play in the apparent suicide of troubled country singer Mindy McCready.

Ablow talked with Fox and Friends about McCready's substance abuse issues, and the potential

that major depression drove her to take her own life.

He pointed out that last month McCready entered court-ordered rehab after her father told a judge that she was not taking care of her two sons due to her substance abuse. She only spent a few days undergoing treatment before going home. Ablow said this could be another example of someone who should have been ordered by the court to stay in treatment longer.

Ablow explained that someone suffering from deep depression is "deprived of rational thought."

"Nothing seems like it can change. That's the deep blackness that encircles you when you're in the midst of the worst kind of major depression, and the reason why people really need time to be reached when they're hospitalized. You can't turn them around in 48 hours," said Ablow.

Watch Ablow's analysis of the tragedy: