A brand-new report reveals that Olympic track star Oscar Pistorius may have killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in a boozy, steroid-fueled rage. Pistorius is charged with murder in the shooting death of the 29-year-old model.

According to sources, police found steroids and evidence of heavy drinking during a search of Pistorius’ home. They also discovered a cricket bat covered with blood, which they are describing as a key piece of evidence.

Investigators are apparently looking at three different scenarios – that Pistorius may have used the bat to hit Steenkamp, that she may have used it to try to defend herself during a fight, or that Pistorius used it to bash through a bathroom door after Steenkamp barricaded herself inside.

The report also says that police are looking into whether a late-night text message that Steenkamp received from a South African rugby star may have played a part in the murder.