In February of 2006, Anita Moorjani was on her deathbed. Having suffered from cancer for several years, Moorjani was in a coma with malignant tumors throughout her body. Doctors told her husband and mother that she had only hours to live. Little did they know that while Moorjani was in the coma, she says that she in fact had crossed over to heaven.

She described the near-death experience on Fox and Friends, saying, “I didn’t even realize I was in a coma. I was so alert and so aware – more aware than I am in this physical state, but it was just the most incredible feeling. I felt like I was just embraced by this incredible love, like unconditional, warm love. It was nothing like I’ve ever experienced in physical life before.”

While in heaven, Moorjani came into contact with her deceased father with whom she had had a contentious relationship while he was alive. In that realm, she says that all she felt for him and from him was unconditional love.

Moorjani miraculously woke up and within months was cancer free. The lesson from her experience was a powerful one.

“What I really learned was that life is a gift and our only purpose is to be who we are […] We all make it so complicated, and try to find our purpose, I learned that all I have to do is be as me as I can be.”