In a troubling case of airplane rage, an Idaho man is accused of slapping a toddler on a Delta flight. Jessica Bennett and her young son Jonah were on a flight headed from Minneapolis to Atlanta on February 8th. After taking her seat, Bennett said the man next to her began complaining, drinking and became increasingly belligerent.

The mom chose to spend most of the flight standing with her son. She returned to her seat when it was time to descend and the toddler began crying. According to court papers,

the man sitting next to her, 60-year-old Joe Rickey Hundley, hissed a racial slur and allegedly slapped Jonah across the face.

UPDATE: Hundley has reportedly been fired from his job.

Another passenger reportedly witnessed the slap. Hundley has been suspended from his job as president of Idaho-based Unitech Composites and Structures. He is charged with simple assault and the FBI is now investigating.

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