On Happening Now, Adam Housley reported from the burned-out cabin where the Christopher Dorner manhunt came to an end on Tuesday.

Yesterday, authorities said they had positively identified

the charred remains found inside the cabin as Dorner, who's suspected of killing four people, including two police officers.

Housley talked to Richard Heltebrake, a Big Bear resident who was carjacked by Dorner Tuesday as the ex-LAPD officer tried to evade capture. Dorner crashed Heltebrake's truck, then ran into the cabin where he died a few hours later.

The search for Dorner moved to the Big Bear mountains after his burned-out truck was found in the area. Police canvassed the area for days, and by Monday many believed Dorner was not there anymore.

"The prevailing theory was that Dorner was gone and not a threat anymore," said Heltebrake, a local Boy Scout leader. Ironically, Heltebrake said he had been telling concerned campers last weekend that the Dorner manhunt was nothing to worry about, admitting he later "felt really bad" about saying that.

As it turned out, Dorner was hiding out in another cabin right near the location of a police command post. He was discovered when the cabin's owners arrived to clean it for renters.

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